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EditiX is a powerful and easy to use XML editor, Visual Schema Editor, XQuery Editor and XSLT debugger for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X designed to help web authors and application programmers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as XSLT / FO, DocBook and XSD Schema.

XML Editor Features

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EditiX is a powerful and easy to use XML editor, Visual Schema Editor, XQuery Editor and XSLT debugger for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X designed to help web authors and application programmers take advantage of the latest XML and XML-related technologies such as XSLT / FO, DocBook and XSD Schema. EditiX provides users with an extensive range of XML functionality within a refined IDE that guides you with intelligent entry helpers. EditiX has realtime XPath location and syntax error detection. Helpers are also provided with context syntax popup supporting DTD, Schema and RelaxNG. EditiX supports multiple templates and project management. User can apply XSLT or FO Transformation and show the result with a dedicated view. All the process can be managed by shortcuts. Working locally is managed with OASIS XML Catalogs. EditiX includes default templates with XML, DTD, XHTML, XSLT, XSD, XML RelaxNG, SVG, MathML and XML FO.


- File :

  • Create a new document from a template
  • Default template : XML,DTD,XSLT,XHTML,DocBook,W3C XML Schema,XML RelaxNG,MathML,SVG,XSL-Fo,Ant, CSS
  • Open a document
  • Open a recent document
  • Insert a file
  • Import an HTML document
  • Import a CSV (Excel) document
  • Close the current document
  • Close all the documents
  • Save the current document
  • Save the current document in another directory
  • Save the current document as a template
  • Open/Save a document by FTP
  • Open/Save a document by webDAV
  • Open/Save a document from a ZIP or JAR
  • Change the default encoding (UTF8...)
  • Print the current document

- Project :

  • Open a project
  • Open a recent project
  • Save a project
  • Save a project in another directory
  • Close a project

- Editing :

  • Drag'n Drop for tree nodes

  • Undo,Redo
  • Copy,Cut,Paste

  • Duplicate the sibling nodes

  • Bookmark your node location
  • Select the current tag
  • Select all the document
  • Surround the selection by a tag
  • Surround the selection by a comment
  • Surround the selection by a CDATA section
  • Refactoring for elements, attributes, namespaces, entities...

- Search :

  • Find/Replace with regular expression and incremental search
  • Search in a tree
  • Search with an XPath expression
  • Search with multiple criterias (attribute,namespace...)
  • Show the next/previous of the current tag
  • Show the beginning/end of the current tag
  • Go to a line

- Options :

  • User preferences
  • Run an external program using macros for the current file path...
  • use a custom JAXP parser
  • use a custom JAXP transformer
  • Check the last version
  • Plug-in support

- Template :

  • Save a template
  • Update a template
  • Encoding,cursor parameters
  • Assign a name, icon and file extension

- View :

  • Extract a document
  • Select a view
  • Split a view horizontally or vertically
  • Hide/Show the tree
  • HTML Preview
  • SVG Preview

xml editor

XML Editing

error location

and error location

project management


error location

Multiple error management

extract a document

Extract the current document to an individual window



XML actions

- XML :

  • Check
    or Validate
  • Format
  • Refactoring
  • Comment a part of the document
  • Content assistant based on W3C XML Schema, DTD and XML RelaxNG
  • Content assistant working with sequence for W3C XML Schema
  • Create and use a temporary schema for the content assistant
  • Build/Run an xpath expression
  • Build/Run an Xquery expression
  • Compare with anoter document
  • Lock/Unlock the tag change
  • OASIS XML Catalog
  • XInclude
  • Plug your XML and XSLT JAXP class

- XML / Schema :

  • Visual W3C Schema editor

  • Assign a DTD/W3C XML Schema or XML RelaxNG to a document. It will generate an XML Instance for DTD and W3C XML Schema.
  • Check a DTD
  • Generate a DTD/W3C XML Schema or XML Relax NG from the current XML document
  • Convert a DTD to W3C XML Schema/XML RelaxNG
  • Convert an XML RelaxNG to W3C XML Schema, DTD
  • DTD Assistants for elements content and attributes
  • W3C Assistants for types, references,substitution,extension

  • Generate an HTML documentation for your DTD or W3C Schema.

- Transforming :

  • XSLT 1.0 and 2.0
  • FO to PDF, Gui windows, MIF, XML, Print, PCL, PS, Txt, SVG
  • Docbook to HTML, HTML Help, XHTML, Java Help, FO, PDF, XML, Print, PCL, PS, Txt, SVG
  • Shortkey for repeating the last transformation
  • FO Assistants for master-reference and region

dtd editor

Assistant for DTD element content

schema editor

Assistant for W3C Schema type

schema editor

Window helper when choosing an element

editix visual schema editor

Visual Schema Edition

XSLT 1.0/2.0 Editor

  • Show the XML document and the result document
  • Eval an Xpath expression from the current node of the XML document
  • Assign XSLT/CSS
  • Transforming with XSLT with parameters
  • Enabled/Disabled XSLT completion
  • Add/Remove breakpoints
  • Start XSLT Debug
  • Run until the first breakpoint
  • Run step by step
  • Terminate the XSLT debugging
  • Repeat the last transformation
  • Drag'n Drop for template and for-each element
  • Automatic description when choosing an element
  • Assistant for variables or parameters
  • Assistant for calling a template

xslt editor

XSLT Editor helper

xslt editor

XSLT Assistant sample

xslt editor

Building your XSLT document with drag'n drop

XQuery Editor

  • Show the XML document and the result document

  • Assistant for Functions, Keywords and XPath Axis

  • Define Namespaces (bound to prefixes)

  • Edit or display the result document

  • XQuery Syntax Checker


editix xquery editor
XML Diff

  • Compare the current document to another one
  • Compare node removed, added, moved, attributes and namespace change
  • Show the line inside the Editor for the left document selection
  • Icon and color for each change type
  • Summary of all descendant's changes for each node
  • Summary of all changes at the root node
  • Selection of a changed node in a table of changes

XML Diff

XML Diff usage

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